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┬áThis is how my story starts- I awake one morning 2 weeks ago and couldn’t turn my head, the pain was so intense that I cried. I couldn’t drive so my husband drove me to see Dr. Wheeler and I am glad I did. After ice, electric stimulation, and several adjustments I could turn my neck and I was sent home with carefully instructions to follow and I did follow them and I can proudly proclaim that my neck doesn’t hurt- I can turn my head correctly- YEAH! I would encourage anyone who is hurting or not in any pain to try chiropractic care. Dr. Wheeler and her capable caring staff are always available to help- I look forward to all my visits! Before I was a “scary cat” now I am a believer! Chiropractic Care helping to align . God’s plan for health and wellness. I wouldn’t miss my adjustments for anything! “

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