Melissa Ferguson L.M.T.

Our massage therapist is Melissa Ferguson. She is an Alabama native, born and raised in Tuscaloosa. Melissa graduated from the Birmingham School of Massage in the winter of 2015. Melissa is also a licensed neuromuscular Massage Therapist. She has experience in prenatal massage, reflexology, Thai yoga massage and fire cupping as well.  Melissa loves her work.

Melissa is married and they have 2 children: Bryson, age 13 and Adaline, 18 months. They have four dogs, two cats and a bearded dragon named Rango.  After living in West Virginia for a couple of years, she settled back here in sweet home Alabama. She loves to be outdoors, especially at the beach or a pool or even the lake. The mountains are her go to in the cooler months. Her family is her  life and when she isn’t working, you can bet she is with them!

Melissa’s clients range from her baby girl, to teens who are active in all types of sports (softball, volleyball, soccer, baseball), to adults who are workout buffs, to office staff, police officers, parents, SAHMs, construction workers, those with TM,  and some who are pretty experienced with life if you catch her drift! Come and see her!

” It is amazing to be able to help the body to heal itself. Holistic healing is my very favorite kind. The human body is truly amazing! I enjoy meeting clients, learning of their concerns or issues and helping them through a healing process. That is not to say that only those with ailments need massage- not by a long shot! EVERYONE needs massage! Why, you ask? Let me give you a few reasons: Better sleep, better circulation, lower blood pressure, increased joint movement, and released endorphins to name a few.” – Melissa Ferguson