What Do Our Clients Say About Us

Thank You Dr. Wheeler!!

I started seeing Dr. Wheeler in October of 2008. I was having a minimum of two migraines a week that were completely knocking me out of my life. I couldn't work, I couldn't do anything. All I could do was lay in bed and hope the pain would go away. I also was having some low back pain. I was very skeptical that anything Dr.Wheeler could do or would do would help me at all. However, after my first couple of adjustments I could already tell a huge difference. Since coming and being adjusted regularly, I've gone from eight plus migraines a month to maybe 2. She has truly given me my life back. The lower back pain has also subsided and I just feel completely different and like I'm a new person. Thank You Dr. Wheeler!!


God's Plan for Health and Wellness.

This is how my story starts- I awake one morning 2 weeks ago and couldn't turn my head, the pain was so intense that I cried. I couldn't drive so my husband drove me to see Dr. Wheeler and I am glad I did. After ice, electric stimulation, and several adjustments I could turn my neck and I was sent home with carefully instructions to follow and I did follow them and I can proudly proclaim that my neck doesn't hurt- I can turn my head correctly- YEAH! I would encourage anyone who is hurting or not in any pain to try chiropractic care. Dr. Wheeler and her capable caring staff are always available to help- I look forward to all my visits! Before I was a 'scary cat' now I am a believer! Chiropractic Care helping to align . God's plan for health and wellness. I wouldn't miss my adjustments for anything!


Patient For 8 Years

I have been a patients of Dr. Wheeler's for eight years now. When I became a patient, I had terrible migraines and took a lot of prescription medication. Now, I do not have migraines and I am no longer on any medication.


I Highly Recommend Pelham Family Chiropractic

I was in a car accident earlier this year a friend recommended that I go and see her for the pain in my back. The office personnel were very friendly and kind. They were able to accommodate my schedule too. The doctor was very professional and friendly. She really cared that I would get better. She put together a plan for my back. Not only did she relieve my pain but after she had completed the plan, my back has not felt this great in years. I highly recommend Pelham Family Chiropractic.

-Christopher W.